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The Real Estate Glossary Master Category was created to group together a selection of quick searches for consumers. Categories included in this Section are:

  1. Real Estate Terminology (3792 entries)
  2. Includes real estate definitions and explanations of real estate terms and terminology, mortgage terms and terminology and a selection of general building, MLS and legal terms.

  3. Acronyms in Real Estate (700 entries)
  4. Includes some 600 real estate acronyms and abbreviations used in real estate with a focus on legal and mortgage abbreviations, company acronyms, real estate designation acronyms and abbreviations used on architect plans, builder plans and the MLS.

  5. US Real Estate History by Year (88 entries)
  6. Key events in real estate history catalogued by year as far back as 1855.

  7. US Real Estate History by Event (178 entries)
  8. Same as the above but grouped into categories so you can see when legislative changes were made, how NAR grew and which “old” real estate companies were started.

  9. Top 10 Lists (23 entries)

    A fun category of top 10 of everything real estate imaginable. From cities with the most foreclosures, best cities for graduates, top trends, top web 2.0 real estate companies to even the top 10 real estate reality shows.


Other Consumer Master Categories:
Glossary, Home Selling FAQ’s, Home Buying FAQ’s, Mortgage FAQ’s, Home Ownership FAQ’s, Community Info, Specialized Info, Information Sources, Social Media.

Real Estate Business Master Categories:
Professionals, RE Companies, Home Purchase Facilitators, Government Agencies, Service Providers, Technology Providers, Professional Development, Global RE, RE Websites.

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