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The Home Buying Questions Master Category is one of four Master Categories (the others being home selling, mortgage and home ownership) dedicated to addressing Frequently Asked Questions. This Master Category focuses on the home buyer and questions related to the home buying selling process. Categories include:

  1. Search & Offer FAQ’s(59 entries)
  2. Searching houses to find a home that meets all your needs, and then making an offer on the home of your dreams is enjoyable buy, but also a tiring and difficult process. Get tips on how to find the right home for you.

  3. Buying Disclosure & Inspection FAQ’s(25 entries)
  4. Beware of all the pitfalls when buying a home. Make sure that you obtain all the necessary disclosures and have a check list of inspections and things you should do before buying a home.

  5. Insurances & Taxes FAQ’s(28 entries)
  6. Learn about real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, as well as all the other extra and hidden costs involved with the purchase of a home and/or a real estate transaction.

  7. Buying Legal & Closing FAQ’s(113 entries)
  8. Many real estate laws and legal regulations may affect, or impact the buying of a house. Find out what is required to close a real estate transaction.

  9. Moving for the Buyer FAQ’s(20 entries)
  10. Moving homes isn’t fun and involves a lot of hard work. Here are some tips to prepare and plan the move.

  11. General Home Buying FAQ’s(221 entries)
  12. A large selection of great FAQ’s that we have compiled after many years of experience from many different agents and homeowners that have gone through the process of buying a home.


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