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The Home Ownership Questions Section is one of four Master Categories (the others being home buying, home selling and mortgage) dedicated to addressing Frequently Asked Questions. This Master Category focuses on the different methods of home ownership, and the challenges associated with the renting or leasing of a property. Categories include:

  1. Methods of Ownership FAQ’s(4 entries)
  2. If our owning your own home is a life long dream, shouldn’t you know every thing about homeownership?  Check out this and all the other categories in the home ownership section.

  3. Defects & Renovation FAQ’s(6 entries)
  4. Important things to know about renovating your home as well as common defects you should look for before buying a home.

  5. Home Insurance FAQ’s(29 entries)
  6. There are so many different types of insurance that apply to real estate: Home owners insurance, title insurance, and so on. Get the scoop on what you need to know about insuring you home.

  7. Lease & Renting FAQ’s(71 entries)
  8. How do your rights differ as a tenant compared to a homeowner? What you need to know about a Lease Purchase Agreement? Learn more about renting and the rental market from a long list of great questions and answers.

  9. General Home Ownership FAQ’s(41 entries)
  10. A collection of home ownership related FAQ’s dealing with a wide range of matters pertaining to owning, renovating and living in your own home.

  11. Building Your Home FAQ’s(64 entries)
  12. An array of home building related FAQ’s that have compiled after many years of experience covering a broad selection of matters pertaining to mortgages, home loans, other finance options.


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