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Social media is a new online phenomenon and has proliferated in the real estate industry with thousands of real estate blogs being created. To make this easier, we have placed them together in one Master Category and then simplified the search of real estate blogs. The blogs have been divided into their respective focuses (consumer, specific community and real estate business), while other Real Estate Social Media such as social networks, video sharing and wikis have been listed separately. Categories included are:

  1. Blogs: Real Estate Agents(198 entries)
  2. Blogs hosted and/or managed by real estate agents marketing to consumers (B2C).

  3. Blogs: Real Estate Business(48 entries)
  4. Blogs that focus on serving and providing real estate information, such as real estate news, to the real estate professionals (B2B).

  5. Blogs: City & Community(20 entries)
  6. Blogs that focus on providing detailed information about specific cities and/or communities.

  7. Social Networks (15 entries)
  8. Real estate social and business networks, as well as other online communities such As ActiveRain, RealTown, etc...

  9. Real Estate Videos & Podcasts(119 entries)
  10. A collection of online videos, podcasts, Ads, and other online media, that features or focuses on real estate.

  11. Real Estate Wikis (14 entries)
  12. Wikis that primarily serve the real estate industry and other related industries.


Other Consumer Master Categories:
Glossary, Home Selling FAQ’s, Home Buying FAQ’s, Mortgage FAQ’s, Home Ownership FAQ’s, Community Info, Specialized Info, Information Sources, Social Media.

Real Estate Business Master Categories:
Professionals, RE Companies, Home Purchase Facilitators, Government Agencies, Service Providers, Technology Providers, Professional Development, Global RE, RE Websites.

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