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Real Estate Wiki - The Real Estate Encyclopedia The first goal of Real Estate Wiki is to create the most exhaustive compendium of real estate information anywhere. Secondly, to make every attempt to ensure that all real estate information is objective, neutral, balanced and without any prejudice. Our third goal is to make the encyclopedia available to everyone - real estate brokers, real estate agents, real estate service providers, real estate educators, etc. and of course the home owners as well as potential home buyers and home sellers - this at no cost and without the distraction of advertising or bias.

We would like to invite anyone who is active, involved or interested in real estate to participate in helping us build a free, universal, valuable resource and tool for the real estate industry. Registration takes less than 30 seconds and it is completely free. With rare exceptions, members can create or update any article, cross-reference or add a citation simply by clicking the edit this page link. Links to outside websites are welcome although do not misuse this privilege and add links under External Links. Don't be overly concerned about accidentally damaging Real Estate Wiki when adding, correcting or improving information, as a special history feature keeps track of all previous versions of all entries. We ask however that you keep contributions, relevant, concise, factual and without fuzzy, ambiguous, nebulous and unsubstantiated claims. After all this is real estate encyclopedia, not an advertisement.

You are kindly requested to consider placing one of the numerous Real Estate Wiki emblems on your website in support of building a free national real estate encyclopedia.
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