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Tips for Adding a Good Entry
  1. The title of an Entry should be specific and unique. Shorter is better and only use names (e.g. name of person, name of company, etc).  Do not add inappropriate title information such as qualifications, areas served, etc (those will be included later in the body of the entry).   Search to see if an Entry with the title you plan on using already exists. If it does, make it better. If not, add it.
  1. Do not just cut and paste marketing copy from your website that includes general and vague statements. Although the inclusion of personal and company profiles as well as the addition of contact detail improves your entry, excessive self-gratification and promotion does not show professionalism, and as a result will be severely edited or removed. - Keep it short, keep it simple.
  1. Using standard fonts and sizes such as Verdana 10pt or Times Roman 12pt makes Entries appear clean and professional. Stay away from adding different colors and backgrounds.
  1. Write in the third person, be objective and write as if you are adding an Entry to an encyclopedia or dictionary.
  1. Do not co-mingle personal details with company details, with definitions or acronyms. Write separate Entries for each appropriate entity or topic.
  1. Do not include vague, unsubstantiated and exaggerated claims such as “best”, “only” and “most.” If you do make claims or state statements that may be questioned, validate your assertion by adding a recognized source under “References.”
  1. Remember you may add your contact details, including your addresses, telephone numbers and email. Do not mix it with your primary profile or description. Instead, place it under a separate heading named “Contact Details.”
  1. To promote your professionalism, add personal and/or company website address under the heading “External Links.” Write it as a web address (e.g. This improves URL viewing and allows for Real Estate Wiki to automatically hyperlink it to the URL.
  1. Spruce up your Entry. Near the end of the page you will get an opportunity to add your photo, company logo, cover of a book, etc. Click on the link that opens your email system. Attach the image of your choice, and send.
  1. Before saving an entry, select between one to three “Categories” that you believe best describes your entry. Adding it to more “Categories” will only hinder sorting your Entry.

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