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Sales of Naples homes for the first quarter of 2010 have scored a dramatic increase. In a report recently released by the Naples Area Board of Realtors (NABOR) which accounts for Collier County less Marco Island, there were 1,981 completed sales for the quarter, compared to 1,370 for the same time period last year.

This total increase of almost 45% was spread across all price and geographic segments, with the $500,000-$1,000,000 price category leading the way with a 67.8% improvement. The $1 million-$2 million breakdown for March home sales followed closely with a 61.7% jump. With an increase of over 63%, the Naples Beach area, which extends along the Gulf of Mexico from Gordon Pass northward to Bluebill Avenue and then eastward to Goodlette Road, had the highest quarterly gain in home sales. The next best geographic segment was South Naples, the area south of Davis Boulevard and west of Collier Boulevard, reported an improvement of just over 56%. The smallest gain for the first quarter closed sales by far was in East Naples, which is primarily Golden Gate Estates, where there was still a 18% pickup, going to 392 homes from the 332 reported last year for the same time period.

Another promising statistic reported by NABOR regarding the first quarter home sales market for Naples is the number of sales that went pending. Last year there were 2,160 pending sales for the quarter and that number jumped to 3,346 for 2010, an increase of almost 55%! Of the 1,186 more properties, 752 were in the below $300,000 price category. On a percentage basis, the $1-$2 million price bracket provided the greatest change for this first quarter sales report, doubling from 73 to 146 for the present year. Also of importance is that the $500,000 to $1 million price range for pending sales showed a 92% gain. Geographically, North Naples had the most...

Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Information General
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