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30 Days To Success In Real Estate Fast Track Your Career In Real Estate
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30 Days to Success in Real Estate is a journal-style workbook that gets you on the fast track towards a real estate career.   This real estate workbook offers financial worksheets and thought-provoking checklists that help agents keep track of their progress in financial goals on a day-to-day basis.  From day one to day thirty, real estate agents will be able to build on the success of each the previous day.  Learn when to send mailings to clients, schedule and hold open houses, cold call, send “Notice of Listing” cards, organize home inspection tours, and send cards for promotions among other things. Daily summaries help agents realize their accomplishments for each day and plan for their success and what to say in calls or correspondence to clients.

Rita Santamaria

Thomson South-Western



Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Books & CD's
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