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4 Clever Remolding Ideas for Your New Home
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Are you getting ready to prepare your new home decoration? if your present home decoration and the home environment as well as home surrounding is not going the way you are imagining, why not just sale the house and buy a new one or directly buy another house for a better decoration. Here are some genius ways to add creativity and new elements to a new home.

Design your book shelf under the stairs

The book shelf is not in fashion anymore. Sometimes layout for a study room just not necessary, as there are many places can be designed to display your book collection. The place under the staircase is a good example. In fact, some of the staircase place is in a state of chaos for not supposing to place anything here. But as a result, many useless clutters go here, which shows the home not so well organized. If you take advantage of this place, it can become a place for displaying your book collections.

Rethink a hidden room for the space

Hidden room is not only for placing the secret items. If you add a hidden space in your home, your home can add a lot of mysterious and fun feeling. It does not need too much design. What you need to do is just spend some thoughts on the door, as long as think of way to make the door not so obvious from the outside is enough. A hidden space can be your calm or secret conversation space. Or it can be designed as the place for your children having fun.

Set a place for entertainment

Homes have little entertainment choices, nothing just watching TV or seating on the sofa for talk. If you are the kind of people love to have fun and energetic to the life, why not set a place for entertainment. For instance, you may stretch a ceiling hammock across it. Or you may set a play room at the stair corner.

Take advantage of the dead space for wine rack

Design wine rack and make collections for wine is not just for drinking but for the life quality. It is a good way to show off the high end of your home decoration. Besides, it does not need to spend your useful space or cost you too much money. Take advantage of the dead space and design a small or built in win rack. Even the side place of your kitchen island can be used for this function. 

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