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5 Best Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas
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Each year homeowners around the world look for ways to modernize their homes. Sometimes purchasing a few pieces is all that is needed to transform a particular space. This is especially true when it comes to your bath spaces. Vanities are some of the most beautiful pieces in the entire bath. They can be focal points that are eye-catching and defining. The right vanity can be used to add a sense of decor in your space.

The 2013 Home Improvement Products Market Forecast looked to the future of sales in this industry. It projected that sales would average 6.9% between 2014 and 2015. This means that many homeowners will opt to make strategic changes to their homes in the hopes of beautifying them. Some will focus on adding modern touches to the inside and outside of the residence.

Others will make repairs to a variety of spaces in these houses. It doesn’t matter whether you are remodeling one bathroom or all of them. You can use vanity styles to make a real impression in these spaces. There are traditional styles to use in decorating baths. There are also nice contemporary styles to select from. Let’s take a look at the 5 Best Toronto Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas for your space.

1 – Double Designs

A double vanity requires two fabulous double sinks. One of the modern designs uses black frames to define the mirrors. These are strategically placed above each sink. Dark marble countertops add a nice contemporary touch to this space. Decorative sconces and matching wall art help to create a new setting in this bath.

Double vanities can embrace shape in their display. Large oval or circular mirrors are trendy styles for master bathrooms. These should come with similar shaped sinks. Metal faucet details must work to match these vanities. It is possible to select dark or black cabinets to go along with these looks.

2 – Traditional Boudoir

Traditional boudoir looks don’t have to appear dated. These are classic styles that showcase floral details or outdoor settings. Vanities here can take on a number of displays. Mirrored paneling around these vanities are great defining details. Floral displays can be seen in wall paper of wall art. Custom vanities can take on the shape of flowers of super rounded styles.

Colored cabinetry is nice additions to this space. Light green or mint colored cabinets offer contrast in the room. Details like sparkling pulls or sterling lining accent this piece and the vanity. Floral centerpieces in specific portions of the bath are good touches for decor. Ottomans or window setting works, as well.

3 – Modern Chic

The modern vanity styles are both unique and chic. They can be used to create any setting that you want. There are rectangular vanities that are designed after flat screen television styles. These are fine choices for baths outline in black, gray and white coloring. Marble sinks and countertops are terrific accompaniments in these spaces. Sleek stand-alone cabinet pieces are trendy items being used in modern baths.

These work well with shaped vanities and traditional styles. Original modern vanities come in designs that are distinct. There are styles that have mirrors that protrude out from the wall. These mirrors are defined by hardware that matches cabinet displays. You can find contemporary cabinets with similar appearances and not floor component at all.

4 – Single Designs

Single vanity designs are popular in powder room baths. These styles are available in a variety of sizes which makes them appropriate in different baths. You can find a small vanity with a single mirror and sink. The large styles work will in medium and master bathrooms. Urban loft design vanities utilize the warmth of wood. Cherry or mahogany choices can work well in any space. Vanities here are sleek and rectangular.

Double cabinet doors and up to 6 individual drawers are available for storage. Another single vanity design to consider is the Chelsea style product. This design embraces color and adds a stark white to the room. The plain mirror design holds a rectangular shape and is positioned above a marble sink and countertop. Four doors and two bottom cabinet drawers are also colored white.

5 – Corner Designs

What better way to take advantage of your space than with a corner vanity design. This is certainly a unique idea for decorating your bath. These are traditionally stand-alone vanities. They are creative pieces that are artistic in style and display. You have an option here when it comes to these corner designs. There are modern choices like the Coda style with one deep sink basin. This style sink has a curved faucet outlined in silver.

The Manor style corner vanity has a traditional look. This piece has long double doors under the sink for storage. It is available in a variety of wood selections. You can choose corner vanities with original sink shapes. The hardware used with these faucet designs make this space stand out. These are terrific ideas for small baths or for new bath additions to the home.

You can use any of these vanity ideas to create the bath of your dreams. They are fine ways to make a space your own. Adding accents to this area along with strategic furnishing choices is a wonderful way to transform your bathroom. The vanity changes that you make will make a real impression on everyone that comes into this space.

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