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5 Minutes to Maximizing Real Estate Technology
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5 Minutes to Maximizing Real Estate Technology

Real estate professionals know technology is a vital key to maintaining a competitive edge and increasing profits. Given the rapid pace of change, they don’t have time to keep up with the latest hi-tech applications and marketing strategies. That’s why this valuable desk reference goes beyond the every-day technology tools to showcase the newest cutting-edge products and applications for real estate professionals. In this simple, easy-to-use reference, author John Mayfield covers a wide range of current technology tools including smart phones, PDAs, digital cameras, scanners, printers, and more. In addition, he provides useful advice and application tips on blogs, pod casts and other marketing ideas to help real estate professionals effectively use current technology in their business. Even tech-savvy agents will appreciate the tips, tricks and short cuts for many major software applications. Brokers will also find a “bonus” chapter for utilizing and implementing technology within their offices to recruit and retain more agents! PLUS–the bonus CD-ROM included with the book provides a sample database, helpful website resource list, and video clips on how to actually use the technology components described throughout the book helping agents put technology to work for them. John D. Mayfield Cengage Learning

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