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5 Ways to Great Storage in the Bathroom
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The perennial problem of every house no matter how big or small seems to be storage. And the biggest problem areas are the kitchen and the bathroom. If you feel you have exhausted all the possible spaces in these areas and still cannot get rid of the clutter popping up every day, you need to push yourself a little harder. Believe me when I say this, there is always space and great storage isn't that difficult. I can almost hear the sigh and the airy as if. I used to be the sigh usually and my husband the 'as if.' We would just never have enough storage space in the bathroom.

However, after a lot of practice and retakes and reading, I came up with some pretty straight-forward solutions to good bathroom storage. When you begin your journey to remodel your bathroom to bring some storage space, this post will of be some help. Read on and see how spaces, invisible so far, materialize before you now.

Work the Walls of Your Bathroom


One of my most beneficial implementations in my smaller bathroom has been the adequate use of my walls. When floor space is less, you cannot really host a big laundry bag or wicker basket that can stock up your dirty clothes, towels and more. The walls appear relatively vast as it is not clogged up with pedestal sinks, bath tubs and the usual.

Use this vastness for storage. Making overhead shelf or shelves above the bathtub or sink is a great way to put away those cosmetics, brushes, tissue rolls, etc. that you use every day and leave lying on the floor or cubbies meant for storing other things.

While making overhead shelf the height of the users need to be kept in mind. If you are on the shorter side like me, a two-storey shelf works better. They are more accessible and also provide more storage. Wall mounted open-cabinets with racks and cubbies are another great way of storage in bathrooms. Customize them to best serve your purpose. For instance, if kids are using the bathroom, you know you will need more horizontal space and the lower racks will have to be allocated to them.

Similarly wall-hung containers with labels for each member can be a very useful storage option too when you don't want all the cosmetics lying around on the countertop.

Freestanding Storage Options

While I kept complaining about the lack of storage space in my bathroom, I kept missing out on all those places I could efficiently use for storage. Discovering and using these spaces will double up your storage capacity. And the cherry on the cake is, they are not expensive.

A storage ladder or even a regular ladder that fits in with the décor of your bathroom can be a creative way to hang your towels or store items of daily use. It doubles up a step stool and also accents the décor of the bathroom.

I know of people who don't have a permanent residence and need to move around frequently. Built-ins might work out a little expensive in such situations. Portable and hanging organizers are their best bet. I use one such product in my bathroom called the hanging canvas accessory storage. You can find this at

I have placed my hanging storage beside the sink and use it to store everything which I could never earlier keep in my bathroom like extra towels, a couple of washed clothes, robes, etc. The idea is to use less floor space and provide more vertical storage.

Freestanding storage also works great for ignored corner spaces in bathrooms. Reusing a small plant stand for storage purpose in the corner behind the bathroom door is inexpensive and great space utilization. You can store toilet rolls, shampoos, hair gels, etc. on the various racks.

Mudroom Benches and Seated Storage


For a spacious bathroom, mudroom benches can be the ideal storage option. You can experiment with hooks and cabinets for optimum storage space. Mudroom benches can be built right up to the ceiling thus creating massive storage spaces vertically and horizontally. Open shelves can be built on the upper part for storing a variety of the surplus toiletries followed by hooks for hanging coats, towels, anything really. When built right into the wall, the hooks can actually open up to big or shallow pull-out bins (according to the space) that you can store your laundry or other items in. Make sure you use pretty hooks that enhance the look of your bathroom.

Seated storage can also be included in mudroom benches. Have a moisture-friendly cushioned seating and drawers below them to store up on all that you need in your bathroom.

Sink to the Rescue

Pedestal sinks are highly adored because of their space conservation. However they do not offer space for storage of cosmetics that are regularly used and need to be displayed. Having a built-in unit behind the sink fitted with shallow drawers, tilt-outs and shelves are great for storage of these items.

However if a full-fledged built-in does not excite you, you can always opt for floating shelves above and below the sink to store up your toiletries, towels and more.

For a nice console sink, use the under-sink space to get some organization in your bathroom. A pull-out shelf under the sink can become the ideal space for storage of cleaning supplies, cleaning scrubbers, brushes, soaps, paper rolls and the likes.

Finally, to have a clean, organized bathroom with adequate storage, don't overcrowd it. All of the bath and toilet supplies that you get from the store do not need to be put at once in the bathroom. Keeping stuff in other corners and storage units of the house as well will definitely help in handling storage in your bathroom.

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