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6 Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Build Their Own Brand
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Real estate agents are an important link between interested home buyers and sellers. Most people hire their services to crack a good deal and find themselves their dream home. In the process, the agent not only helps them realize their dreams but also earns himself a reputation, which may get him repeat business or recommendations. This, in turn, determines his success in the business.

As a real estate agent you want to be known as well-connected, trustworthy and adept at communication. Most real estate agents have these skills, so to stand out among them you need to go the extra mile.

Successful agents tend to capitalize on their unique traits and skills and use them to the maximum to satisfy and impress their clients. They concentrate on building a powerful personal brand so that the mere mention of their name is enough to inspire enough trust and confidence in potential clients for them hire their services over other agents.

Such is the power of branding. There may have been several times when you must have thought about what sets you apart from your competitors. Itís now time to move a step ahead and come up with a branding strategy which focuses upon the traits and qualities that truly make you one of a kind in your business.

1. Figure out Who You Are

Know exactly who you are, what you do and what makes you unique. Once you have these questions answered, it will be easy for you to put your message across to the clients and let it reflect in your brand.

You may be good at providing personalized and quick service, or you may be good with home inspections. Whatever it is that youíre good at, you need to be consistent and deliver an experience that is positive, distinguished, impressive and influential enough to help you sustain and grow your business.


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2. Use Social Media to Build Your Reputation

Your reputation is in your hands. The state of your brand rests on it. One of the most effective ways of building your reputation is through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on as they can provide you with a broad reach in very little time.

Stay active on social media and tell people who you are. You can position yourself as an industry expert through quality content marketing. This strategy is sure to attract new clients. You need to make your name and face well known. Build your own website and publish interesting blogs, statistics, success stories and case studies based on your past experiences.

3. Appeal to the Emotions

Do not make the mistake of focusing solely on numbers when dealing with your clients. Remember, there are feelings involved. Most people buy houses based on the feeling it generates inside them. Tap into their emotions, try to understand what connection the buyers are looking to make with their new home, and tweak your strategy accordingly.

4. Sell Quality

There is no substitute for a good quality product. In your case, the product would be the property you sell. The best way to make a good name for yourself in the market is by always meeting client expectations in terms of quality.

Before accepting an assignment, you need to make sure that the house is in good condition. From something as apparent as the walls and the ceiling to discreet things likelike the stainless steel piping in the kitchen and the bathrooms, they all need to scream quality. If you trick your clients into buying undesirable houses, you risk going out of business sooner than later.


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5. Connect with Influencers

With your social media profiles in place, it would be easy for you to network and connect with top industry influencers, publication houses and influential organizations in the industry. Apart from following them, you need to participate in their forums and discussions, comment on their articles, respond to questions/polls, post your own questions and share interesting columns with your own network. These activities will not only help you learn from industry stalwarts, but also build some lucrative business connections. This just might help you clinch a few key assignments.

6. Stay Ahead of the Herd

Gain all the knowledge and skills you need to develop expertise in your field. Since competition is immense, you need to ensure that you always stay on top of your game. You should be aware of the latest market trends and upcoming business opportunities. If you serve a niche market, you need to gain authority over it. If youíre a new real estate agent, capitalize on opportunities wherein you can offer your unique and fresh perspectives on industry trends.


Building your personal brand will take immense dedication and patience on your part. Apart from that, consistency and focus on delivering quality and positive experiences should help you gain foothold in the industry. Staying updated on industry knowledge and foreseeing upcoming trends will enable you to stay above the rest.

Real Estate Companies - Developers & Home Builders
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