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6 Things You Must Know With Real Estate Investing
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With real estate investing, it is vital you understand and are aware of how you are doing.  There are several different facets that you want to be aware of in order to keep an eye on how your investing is doing.  Here are six things free real estate tools can help provide you with.

1. Total leads:

The first thing you must be aware of is the total amount of leads you are receiving each week.  There are free real estate tools you can find on the internet to help you keep track of this information.  Although it can become quite monotonous keeping track of this weekly, it is important you know this.

2. Where from?

The next thing to know is where your leads are coming from.  You want to know where the leads are coming from so you can focus your marketing on that particular area.  If you are aware of where your leads are coming from, you will be able to generate far more leads than you currently are.

3. Qualified prospects

You are going to deal with prospects on a daily basis.  However, there is a difference between prospects and leads.  Leads are people you are actually working with while prospects are just people you are talking to.  Look for free real estate tools online that can help you keep track of how many qualified prospects you are receiving each month.

4. Total deals completed

In order to see how you are doing, it is important you keep track of the total number of deals you complete.  Keeping track of the total deals can also help you judge whether your marketing techniques are effective or not.  In addition, knowing your hard effort is being put to good use can keep your confidence up.

5. How much you make

Something many people already do is keep track of how much they are making off of sellers.  Obviously, you are in real estate investing to make money.  Therefore, you are bound to keep track of your earnings.

6. How much to acquire a new seller

While many people keep track of how much they are making, not as many keep track of how much it will cost to acquire a new seller.  This is important to keep track of over time so you can be prepared for your next investment.  This is especially true with how often the real estate market fluctuates.

There are a number of things you want to keep track of as a real estate investor.  Looking on the internet for free real estate tools can help you stay organized and be aware of the details listed in this article.


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