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iSucceed, the largest provider of online real estate mentoring and training, announces its latest selection of REALTORS® to be approved as iSucceed Mentors. These three real estate professionals join a superstar faculty of over 175 iSucceed Mentors who regularly contribute their personal experience, success strategies, and sound counsel to iSucceed members, enhancing business practices and ensuring the future success of newer agents.

Lewis Walker (RE/MAX, The Woodlands, TX)

A licensed Texas REALTOR since 1977, Lewis meets and exceeds the ‘They do everything bigger in Texas’ myth. With $100+ million in closing experience and 29 year under his belt, Lewis is what you might call ‘the Agent’s Agent’. Passionate about real estate in general, Lewis is constantly abreast of what’s going on in the market with his various real estate related endeavors, which include owning over 40 rental properties, and developing and marketing over 2,000 acres of land.

For Lewis, being involved in the real estate industry has been a decades-long affair. Once a major stockholder and president of a mortgage company, Lewis was deeply involved in every aspect of the business, and participated in almost every phase of the process, from loan origination and processing to underwriting and money delivery. This experience uniquely qualifies him as a mortgage authority, a trait his clients duly appreciate.

Believing you truly have to know your area to represent it effectively, Lewis has literally walked the vast majority of the six-county area around Houston, Texas. His mortgage experience enabled him to develop an extensive knowledge of Houston-specific business issues such as tax-deferred exchanges, ownership, construction protocol, builder/developer cost and profit margins, and many more details. This extensive local knowledge and familiarity with many of Houston’s indigenous features has benefited Lewis’ clientele since 1977.

One of the first agents in his market to receive the e-Pro Internet Professional Certification from the National Association of REALTORS, Lewis implements technology in new and creative ways. His latest project is the exclusive ‘Neighborhood Website’ feature he offers to residents of a particular community. Password protected from the outside world, this environment offers local information and news, and fosters a sense of community while simultaneously bringing in leads and establishing brand identity for Lewis.

Ralph Roberts (Ralph Roberts Real Estate, Warren, MI)

A born motivator, teacher, and trainer, Ralph is a passionate proponent of eradicating fraud in real estate. He routinely works alongside Federal law officials to help educate state and local law enforcement, regulators, and financial institutions on the problems associated with Real Estate Fraud. Ralph is also an award-winning and internationally recognized real estate agent and speaker who helps other real estate professionals from all sectors of the industry build upon their past and present success, grow and expand their businesses, and provide a rich and rewarding future for themselves, their customers, and their employees. When Ralph speaks, people sit up and listen, and for good reasons.

Ralph averages more than 400 transactions a year, and since he bought his first house more than 25 years ago at the age of 18, he has consistently demonstrated an uncanny knack for “closing the deal”. He specializes in helping first-time buyers and those with bad credit to purchase homes in the affordable range: typically those valued at $145,000 and less. He is so amazingly superb at what he does that rising agents from around the country pay top dollar for the opportunity to shadow him so they can adopt his methodology and find a similar degree of success. It’s no wonder he was named ‘REALTOR’ of the year by Time Magazine.

Allen Wright (CreateAPlan, Houston, TX)

iSucceed’s newest mentor Allen Wright is already making a splash in the Counseling Call arena; parts 1 & 2 of his recent series “The Ultimate Personalized RE Business Plan” were the most popular calls featured that month.

Combining a keen business acumen with a sense of humor and expert knowledge of business strategy, Allen travels the nation educating agents and brokers on how to transform their business by applying basic business principles. Most recently Allen’s Wright Computer Group, LLC, released the powerful new product CreateAPlan, the automated, online business planning tool exclusively for real estate agents. The software is taking the real estate world by storm.

Combining his career experience in both large and small companies with an uncanny ability to integrate even the most varied perspectives of different industry leaders, Allen makes business planning solutions entertaining, relevant, and educational. Visit Createaplan to learn more.


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