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Chance, Or Choice?

Finding and hiring the right person to add to your team of real estate professionals can be a daunting task at times. How can you insure that the person you select will turn out to be a great addition, or a great subtraction? Whether a team succeeds or fails is largely dependent on who leads them, and how that leadership influences those affected by it. 

As a team leader and rainmaker, Sandra Nickel lives by a few novel rules that dictate the way she goes about the process of recruiting and training new team members. She advocates a very deliberate mentality during the entire search, hiring, and training phases – one that accounts for everything from personal recommendation to previous performance to personality differences.

Once you put all the proper pieces of the puzzle together, there exists a potential to create an extraordinary synergy – one capable of stunning achievements and unusual feats. While it all begins with a simple “Help Wanted” sign, the next addition to your team could make it a true force to be reckoned with.

Enjoy This Week’s New Success Module!

In this week’s new Success Module, “Teamwork by Design: Leave Nothing to Chance”, iSucceed Mentor Sandra Nickel explains the myriad factors can affect a team’s ability to function at their highest capacity: personality conflicts, poor integrity, ill-defined rules, roles, and goals, apathy, and burnout – to name just a few. At the same time, Sandra explains, the potential exists for a well-constructed team to far exceed the sum of its individual members and achieve an incredibly high level of consistent productivity, accomplishment, and personal enjoyment. Check out this week’s new success module and learn:

  • How to begin determining the roles you must fill around the unique needs of your specific situation.
  • How to use various recruiting systems and personality tests to insure that you the select the best candidate.
  • Once defined, how to delegate authority and trust your team to accomplish the tasks set before them.
  • A unique problem-solving method that puts the power to correct issues solely in the hands of your team members.

More About Sandra

Montgomery, Alabama’s Sandra Nickel has been listing and selling residential real estate for over 24 years. A branding genius, Sandra is known nationally as “The Hat Lady”, and REALTOR Magazine listed her “Hat Team” among the top 300 offices in closed transaction sides in recent years. Sandra currently holds CRS, ABR, and SRES designations, and in 2005, her team closed over 200 transactions totaling in excess of $24 million, with sights set on a 2006 goal of $35 million on 230 transactions. Sandra is also very involved in community improvement, devoting approximately 1000 hours per year to volunteer activities including: historic preservation, affordable housing creation, community development, and the revitalization of riverfront and downtown properties in Montgomery’s less affluent areas.

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