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Affluent Americans Moving to Collier County
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We have known for a long time what a great place Naples is to live and work and now a lot of the nation’s most affluent people know it too, and are doing something about it.  They are moving here.  It seems they have discovered our gorgeous weather, miles of white sandy beaches, world-class shopping, marvelous restaurants, diverse recreational opportunities and appreciation of the arts is something they want for themselves and their families.


In a recent Yahoo Home Page featured article in which they worked with a story on Forbes .com, Collier County is the most desired county in the country for wealthy Americans on the move.  Their analysis was based on information gathered from the IRS about people moving from one county to another and their respective income.  The following are excerpts from that article.


“We looked for counties that the rich are moving to in big numbers.

Topping the list: Collier County, Fla., which includes the city of Naples. Tax returns accounting for 15,150 people showed moves to Collier County from other parts of the country in 2008, the latest year for which IRS data is available. Their average reported income: $76,161 per person–equivalent to $304,644 for a family of four. Although slightly more taxpayers moved out of Collier County than into it, the departing residents’ average income came out to just $26,128 per person”.( Stationary household average income per capita: $49,959)


 “Households that moved to Collier County principally came from other parts of Florida, with Lee, Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Orange counties leading the list. Big northern cities also sent lots of migrants: Cook County, Ill. (home to Chicago); Oakland County, Mich. (near Detroit); and Suffolk County, N.Y. (on Long Island) each sent more than 100 people to Collier County during 2008.


To find places the rich are moving, Forbes used IRS data on household moves broken down by county and income. We included counties where arriving households are richer than households that didn’t move and departing households are poorer than households that didn’t move. The final ranking orders counties by the difference in per-capita income between incoming households and those that didn’t move.


Our ranking of places the rich are fleeing essentially reverses these criteria, looking for counties where departing households are wealthier than the population as a whole and where incoming households are poorer.


In order to find patterns among the wealthy...

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Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Information General
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