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Category - Service Providers in Real Estate - Sales & Marketing Services offers a variety of editable real estate presentations for the real estate industry. The site offers many types of presentations used by real estate agents and other realty professionals. The products are for residential agents.

Each editable presentation includes the content and the design.

They are in Microsoft PowerPoint format. They can be printed, used as a "PowerPoint slide-show" and used in many other ways.

Featuring a listing presentation, a buyer presentation, expired listing presentation and many other presentation types.

Each presentation product is packaged with a training video and lesson book. This training is for the agent, it will help the agent better understand the presentation and how should be used.  Some presentations also include a script book.

What's Included:

Each Presentation Product Includes;
  • The presentation(s) - in MS PowerPoint format, editable & printable.
  • A 'lesson book' for the real estate agent. Each product has a unique 'lesson book'.
  • A 'training video' for the real estate agent. Each product has a unique 'training video'.
  • A PowerPoint tutorial that will show the agent how to make edits and print the presentation.
  • Any fonts and images used in the presentation.
  • A script book may also be included depending on the product.

About / Business Information is owned and operated by Achieve Ace Ltd.

Achieve Ace Ltd. is an international real estate training company, servicing clients in the United States, Canada and elsewhere since 1987. The President of Achieve Ace Ltd. is Mr. Randy Roussie.

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