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Complimentary, Not Contradictory

Tom Mitchell, the COO of RealtyU ®, the largest network of real estate schools in America, recently commented, “At this point in time there is no indication that distance learning is going to replace classroom training for the foreseeable future. The real estate industry, however, has clearly accepted the fact that online real estate training is growing rapidly.”

Indeed, RealtyU’s ® own extensive research has concluded that online learning does not erode the traditional classroom environment, rather it affords professional instructors the chance to offer an additional, optional learning experience that compliments and reinforces the concepts taught in the classroom.

According to the research, time, cost, and convenience are the typical entry barriers that prevent interested folks from further pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Online instruction removes these obstacles, the study concludes, and subsequently improves the chances that these individuals will engage the industry – at their own selected pace.

“We believe that there is room for a harmonious balance between both forms of training in the marketplace, and that there are certain real estate professionals who prefer a choice. Real estate classes that require workshops, think-tanks, discussion and interaction are clearly more suitable for a classroom environment, while more mechanically structured courses, such as calculator courses and mortgage lending courses, are ideal for Internet e-learning,” Mitchell says.

Convenience is the Key

“There is another major force driving the growth of online real estate education,” said Mitchell. “That force is the convenience of time and location. Distance learning is creating an opportunity for an entirely new group of potential candidates wishing to explore real estate as a career profession to do just that.”

To serve the needs of this growing market, RealtyU ® has created a huge national real estate learning portal,, comprising over 1,900 real estate courses, effectively making real estate education available to anyone, everywhere, at any time.

RealtyU ® consists of a network of affiliated educational organizations that serves 40 states via 200 campuses across North America. Collectively, RealtyU ® has some 500 qualified and licensed educators that offer more than 6,000 different courses and programs every year. Although each affiliate is independently owned and operated, schools closely cooperate on various levels, especially with regard to creating and approving new courses, technology, national contracts, marketing and educational R&D. RealtyU ® educated over 305,000 real estate professionals in 2004, making it the largest educational network in the real estate industry.

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