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Alabama Land For Sale-How To Find Good Farmland
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Are you looking for farmland for sale in Alabama?  If so, you will be surprised at the excellent fertile soil great for growing many different crops.  When looking for farmland you will see many different sizes of farms for example small Mini farms to full size agricultural farms.  These farms, also known as Agri land can net you a decent income.  Before you actually sign to purchase any piece of property thatís for sale, there are several things you should check on.

First I would start by hiring a professional land surveyor to come to your property and survey the property lines.  As the land is passed from owner to owner the property lines can get off by more than just a little.  If you donít take the time to survey, you might think you are getting this land only to find out you are actually not getting as much.  According to the laws in Alabama, if a fence has been in place for ten years, it really isnít going to matter if the survey says the line is there or not, the courts are going to rule with the fence.  I know that doesnít seem right, but thatís the way it is.  The only way it can change is if the buyer and new neighbors actually agree together on the division.  With the new equipment a surveyor uses, he can pinpoint the actual property lines down to inches.

After you are satisfied with the property lines on the land for sale in Alabama there is something else I highly recommend you doing before signing on the dotted line.  Make sure there are no liens on the property.  Hire a good land attorney to check the county records at the local courthouse to see if there are any liens or if the property is free and clear.  It is not uncommon for farmers to put their land up for collateral for different things like buying seed or farm equipment.

Before I would buy any land for sale in Alabama, I would have the soil analyzed. Go to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and get them to check the soil for the site index.  This test will let you know the growing capabilities and potential production of the farmland.

A study done in 2010 shows that 90% of land that was sold in Alabama was listed on the Internet on various websites.  Alabama Landsource, which is the largest rural listing web site  will net you many farm properties for sale in Alabama.  This site and many others will show you up to nine pictures of the said property along with information such as acreage, price per acre, asking price, what type of land.  For the past ten years Alabama Landsource has specialized in matching buyers of farm property with sellers of farm property as well as other types of land.  It doesnít matter whether you are looking for a farm, hunting land, ranch or waterfront property, it can all be found on this easy to use website.


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