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Alabama Land For Sale-How To Use ATV Implements To Save Money Buying And Working Hunting Land
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When looking at hilly and rough Alabama land for sale remember you can work deer plots with a good ATV and ATV implements and save money. If you have found a cheap land tract in Alabama but donít think you can effectively work the terrain with a tractor use an ATV as a very effective alternative.

 If you have found a good cheap piece of Alabama land for sale but are concerned you canít get a tractor around and work the land look to ATV use as a way to save money on the land and implements for land tract maintenance. We will look at what implements you will need and how to use them.

 The first thing you will need is an ATV and I will suggest not skimping on the bike or the implements you are making a long term investment here so look at it that way and the price will be easier to choke down. Most of the name brand ATVís now days make a good long term bike but I would get a 300-400 cc water cooled motor as a minimum for longevity of the machine; pulling implements at slow speeds for long periods of time can get hard on a smaller ATV and prematurely wear out your bike. If you price any 4x4 ATV up side a decent tractor you will certainly find that you can save thousands of dollars on the initial equipment purchase for you land needs. 

 When looking at hilly and rough Alabama land for sale and in particular hunting land a major concern is your deer plots as well as the trails and road maintenance around your land. The main implements you will need are a mower, disk, lime spreader, plows, disk, cultivators, harrows, seed and fertilizer spreaders and cultipackers and these are not necessarily in order of importance or order of use. Before you go on your equipment shopping trip remember one of the main draw backs to tractor use over ATV use when working deer plots and roads on your Alabama land is the weight of the machine. If you buy a light weight bike you will have a harder time disking for sure but this will also make mowing harder especially on hilly rough land. So the old saying is true with this one, bigger is better, get a heavy high power bike and the heaviest implements you can it will make life easier when doing the hard chores.

 Seedbed preparation will be foremost on your mind for your deer plots and this is where you will need all the right gear. If your plot has high grass from not being maintained think about your spray rig and putting some roundup type herbicide on the plot a few weeks before you plan to disk and this will help make for lighter disking duty. Remember here also that glyphosate herbicides enter grasses and weeds through their leaves, so it must be sprayed after spring green-up, when the plants are actively growing.

 If you look at cheaper Alabama land for sale the right way you can save thousands of dollars on the land purchase as well as equipment investment, now days we must all think about conserving money everywhere we can


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