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Alabama Land For Sale-How To Work A Land Partnership
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If you want to have a partnership to work Alabama land for sale there are certain things you need to keep in mind to be successful. When you do a partnership remember these three things, buying, prepping and selling your land.


I have been in several land partnerships that were all successful at times and ended up falling apart for one reason or another. There is three parts to making money with Alabama land for sale, buying the land, getting the land ready for sale and then the sale. In all the partnerships Iíve been in I was always the buyer and as I have always said this is where you make your money. After you buy the land you must get your property ready for resale and finally the actual sale. Which part of this process is more important is hard to say but in a partnership there are several things to remember one, you must keep turning land over and making money or your machine will break down.


When you are buying land you must buy right, this means turning over every rock there is and also the standard ways including Realtors. I would start my search with the county land rolls and mail everybody that has land I am looking for a letter to see if they might be interested in selling there land.  I would also do internet searches and if you have time to kill check the newspaper classifieds but you are wasting more time with that. Once you have found a land tract then you must get the land ready for sale this could mean bushhoging, title work dealing with heirs or the most dramatic thing you can do to land and that would be dozer work. Depending on what type of land you are selling dozer work can make such a change it can in some cases get you a 50% profit on your land deal.


We have discussed what it takes to do a land deal which is no secrete but the process must be done and that means partners that will do their job. I have had more than one partnership that was going great and fell apart because one partner fell down on his job. I have also had partners that thought they were the greatest thing walking just full of talent, run as fast as you can from this type of person and find the one that is willing to work hard and work whenever there is work to do, this is the type partner that will make you the most money. A partner that will work is worth his weight in gold liberally, you must keep land tracts turning over if you want to make money with Alabama land deals, interest will eat your profit worse than any other part of the process.


The main things to focus on when starting a land for sale in Alabama partnership is your partners, find someone you know to be a hard worker to help keep you buying, selling and turning land over as fast as you can. Remember you can sheer a sheep many times but you can only butcher it once so be fair with your sales price and keep happy clients and this will help you make money on each deal.


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