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Alabama Land For Sale-How to use Search Engine Optimization To Increase Traffic To Your Website
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If you have Alabama land for sale or a company website that sells land and houses in Alabama you must get involved with SEO. By now you have heard of SEO Search Engine Optimization and know the value of it, here are proven ways to build quality back links and site popularity with the search engines.

 The NAR has said that over 90% of real estate buyers last year started their search for property online, that does not mean they found what they were looking for online only that they started the process on the internet. If over 90% of property buyers in todayís market are searching the net for their land where would that lead you to believe it will be in just five years or even ten years from now. Ask yourself am I only selling land this year or am I going to continue for years to come and if the answer is for many more years you must engage now in a SEO campaign for your website or Blog.

 I started selling land and houses almost twenty years ago now and had I started a website when the internet first go going and worked it until now it would be hard to beat but I didnít I waited almost ten years after it got going to start mine. The first step to selling on the internet is your website; you must have a website or a well optimized Blog like Wordpress something to work with. If you have a website there is no need to spend a ton of money on how it looks, you certainly want it to look professional and navigate well but if it never gets seen what good has any of that done you.

 Ways you can get traffic to your site should start with top searched websites for what you are selling, if that is Alabama land for sale then you want to be on the top searched sites for that key phrase and you will need to be on several sites no one site can cover the internet it will take at least three good top sites to accomplish this goal. A solid land selling campaign will also need to include a couple free sites like Craigslist, it is most certainly a pain to work with on a constant time frame but itís free and the ninth most trafficked website in the country for real estate so I would get moving on that one right now if you have not.

 Now the meat and potatoes of any good website in the Alabama land market is link building. One of the first things you want to do is get your website in the Google, Bing and Yahoo places, this is good to be found in the six pack search and a great link to start off your site. The absolute best way of building back links is article writing and having your website in the authorís bio box you can usually get three links in the bio box and sometimes even get two or three in the articles body. If I was starting over today another first thing is just get on Google and search what you are selling, if that is Alabama land for sale then just plow through page after page and you will find good sites you can put links on you just have to look hard. 

 These are proven techniques for a beginner to get your Alabama land found on the internet and start you link building for future organic search of your website and thatís what we are all looking for the non paid visitor.


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