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Alabama Land For Sale-Should I Buy Hunting Land Or Is Leasing A Good Option
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You are a hunter and looking for Alabama land for sale, in today’s shaky financial market should you extend yourself and buy land or is this the time to lease.

 I have always been one of those hunters that said I would never pay to lease land to hunt but given the current economically uncertain times this might be a good time to eat those words and lease for a few years.

 What are some benefits of leasing land rather than buying Alabama land for sale? Well, everyone involved benefits in some manner. The land owner makes some money on land he is obviously not using so that helps with notes and taxes. The hunters leasing get good hunting land without the long term and high price of owning the land. Many hunting leases are offered by farmers and much of the good hunting land is considered by farmers to be of less value being wooded and not good for farm production. Many lease agreements will afford the hunters a chance to plant deer plots and enjoy many other benefits of land ownership without actually buying the Alabama land. Some guidelines you will have to establish in the club will be to select a core group of three to six men; this is a good number to work with and makes it easy to expand your numbers in the future if needed. You will need a per member cap on cost this will help when shopping for your Alabama land, buying implements and tools.  Next you need club goals, are leasing simply to secure access and enjoy the hunt? Looking for a place to take your son and family? Or do you have a vision of working your deer plots and managing for future trophy bucks. Knowing these things will help keep peace in the club and also help in the search for the land itself.

 Finding your Alabama hunting land is next on your list. If you live in a good hunting area already the best place to lease will be close to home. Why? Well for starters if you live close to the land travel time back and forth won’t be a long journey and waste lots of time. Work days, placing the deer stands and even enjoying the day with the family on the lease will be more enjoyable. Is leasing looking better than Alabama land for sale yet or do you still desire to be a land owner which if you have the means is great.

 Here are a few ways to find Alabama land to lease. First decide what size land tracts you are looking for and visit your county court house a get a list of properties that fit this criteria. You can put a short well worded ad in the local newspapers classifieds section. Nice posters at the local post office, county co-op, all local feed and garden stores are a good idea. Contact foresters, biologist and employees of agriculture related businesses can also be a great resource. Checking out land for sale websites is also a good way to possibly find a place.

 If you have been thinking about Alabama land for sale or leasing hopefully this article has given you a few more thing to think about in your decision, buying Alabama land is great if you have the finances but leasing is a great alternative.


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