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Alabama Land For Sale-Should I Sell My Own Land Or List With A Real Estate Professional
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I have Alabama land for sale, should I sell my own land or would it be better to hire a licensed Realtor to help with sells? If you have ever sold property you must have asked yourself this question.

 I will show you ways to market your land or house in Alabama for yourself and save thousands on Realtors fees. I know anyone that has property for sale now or that has sold land in the past must have asked themselves at one time in the buy sell process should I do this myself or hire a professional to do it for me. This is actually a good thing to ask yourself and the reason I say this is that if you are not prepared to do the entire process and do it correctly you need to hire a licensed Real Estate Broker to sell your Alabama land for you.

 Let me go through the entire process and tell you what you need to be prepared and also able to do. I will say not everyone is a salesman nor does everyone like to sale. I have a friend that lives for it and is one of the best I have ever seen and the way he sales so proficiently is he is a likeable  guy and he really gets to know his clients and gets them to like him, he also spends an immense amount of time with each client. The reason I say be mentally prepared and able is you might not be suited for the sales end of Alabama land. If you are not ready to take and make calls at night and on weekends and also show your property at inconvenient times for you, you might want to think twice about the for sale by owner thing.

 Once you have made the decision to sell your property yourself there are a few things you must do to have a successful sales campaign. Where will you advertise you Alabama land for sale? I would start with the internet and also run some light ads in the largest news paper in your area. If you have not thought through the entire sales process one thing you may not be thinking about is after the sale is made then what do you do? You may say that sounds stupid, close the deal, but you would be forgetting what year this is and how hard getting a buyer financed really is. The financing alone could be worth the real estate commission, just think if you sell your Alabama land more than once and still canít get the buyer funding how would that make the commission look then. If you donít think this could happen to you think again I have had it happen to me many times and it always puts you in a tail spin in the process. I suggest as soon as you make the commitment on your Alabama land for sale go find possible financers for your land and I will suggest First South Farm Credit in Alabama when it comes to land, they are one of the few around trying to make rural land loans.

 In the Alabama land for sale process you must ask yourself if you are ready to make the commitment and stick with all the aspects of selling your own land if so do it and save the money and if not I suggest you let a professional do it for you.


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