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Alabama Land For Sale-What Is An Acre Of Land And How Did It Come To Be This Size
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If you are looking at Alabama land for sale you need to know what an acre is, how big it is and how many or few do you really need. In your search for land in the new United States economy only buy what you can truly afford and according to your true needs might be sound advice.

 What is an acre and where did it come from? An acre of land is a unit of measure used most commonly to measure tracts of land. An acre comprises 4,840 square yards, 43,560 square feet or 4,046.86 square meters. A square acre is approximately 208 feet 9 inches on each side but an acre has no defined shape, any shaped area with 43,560 square feet of area is considered an acre.

 Where did the measure of an acre derive from? The word “acre” is from old English æcer meaning open field. An acre of land was the approximate amount of land one man could till with one ox in a day. This also helps explain the old time rectangle acre which was one chain and one furlong, a long narrow strip of land was much more efficient to plough than a square, this kept the farmer from having to turn the plough as much which was hard to do. In times past everything was about efficiency somewhere we got away from that and went to what is in style, I think we are headed back to a more efficient time in the near future. 

 Why is it important to understand what an acre is and how much area an acre encompasses? When you are looking at buying Alabama land you need to know how much area or acreage you need. If you are buying a homesite in town and the lot you are looking to buy is half an acre this is plenty of land for a house and a small yard. If you are looking to buy 80 acres of Alabama hunting land then it is not as important to know that you can squeeze you all your stuff in, 80 acres is a ton of land.

The United States has changed over the last three years, the economy in my opinion will never be what it once was, I personally think we are still on an unsustainable course especially if the current administration was to win another election. I feel America must get back to some of its old ways of conservation rather than the excess we all got use to having this includes land and the use of it, if we can only afford five acres for our homesite then that’s what we should buy.

 When you buy Alabama land for sale ask for maps, plats and now have a good understanding of what an acre of land is and exactly how much area one acre take up. Remember if you are buying land to build a house on five acres will leave you with a huge yard to mow.


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