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Alabama Land For Sale-Your Deal Blows Who Pays For What
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If you are trying to buy Alabama land for sale and either the buyer or seller backs out of the closing who pays what. Land deals blow out pretty regular are you protected if your deal does not close?

 You are in the middle of trying to purchase your Alabama land for sale and your deal blows out, there are many reasons a land deal can blow out in the process of closing. I have seen many reasons from the seller decided they just can not live without the property, at the last minute the buyer got shot down for their financing, something in the deal just did not go as planed and the buyer or seller backed out. I have seen many reasons that a land deal either blew out or just did not close and if you donít think strange things can happen they certainly can.  I had a friend and on the day of the closing his client was traveling from New Orleans Louisiana to the closing and died in a car accident, now as bad as that was how to clean up the fallout.

 The first thing is fall back on your Alabama land for sale contract and hope you filled it out properly and hope you negotiated the terms from a strong side. When I say negotiated the terms I mean just that you have standard things for a buyer to pay and also normal things for the seller to pay, but when it comes down to it everything is open for negotiation. If you are the buyer lets say for example of Alabama hunting land and the owner has had the property on the market awhile, he may be inclined to pay much if not all the closing cost just to make the sale work, itís worth asking for, you wont get it if you donít ask for it, sounds simple but itís true.  One of and probably the most expensive things to have done in a closing will be a survey, depending on the size of the land and scope of the survey it could cost $ 250.00 for a small lot or well into the thousands for 40 acres and up. With the survey costing so much who pays? The buyer would usually pay or have more motivation to pay and know where his property lines and corners are and have all that marked. I have seen the buyer and seller pay this cost and in most cases the seller will fight not to pay any of this unless he has plenty of profit in the deal. If you are prepared to walk away from the land that is dealing from a strong side and that is how you will get things in negotiating.

 My advise in buying Alabama land for sale and negotiating the closing terms would be, ask for everything and settle on what you see as fair, if the land is a little on the pricy side ask for it all and stick to your guns, if they donít give what you want walk away and find another tract of land, there is plenty of it right now.




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