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Alabama Land For Sale Covenants And Restrictions And Why To Use Them
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If you have Alabama land for sale that you want to protect the integrity of, you will want to use land use covenants and restrictions. When you have a tract of land lets say attached to your home site where you live and are concerned about what your future neighbor will do with the land or how he will live while on the land you can add many different protective covenants to give you peace of mind and protect the value of your Alabama land for sale.


 Before you get started just randomly adding covenants to your Alabama land for sale first ask what you are trying to protect and why. If this particular Alabama land for sale is personal to you, you will want to add extra restrictions for that peace of mind. Some typical covenants for your Alabama land for sale would be this property may not be subdivided. This could save your home values if you are selling lets say 10 acres by your house it would keep the buyer from buying your land and then putting a subdivision next door to your home. Another common covenant for Alabama land for sale is any dwelling constructed on the above described property shall contain a minimum of 1,800 square feet of heated and cooled living area and not less than a minimum roof pitch of eight (8) and (12) and shall be completed within 12 months from date construction commenced.


These last restrictions for your Alabama land for sale will protect several things, first if you have a 3,000 square foot house you donít want anybody building a 450 square foot cabin that looks like an outhouse right next to you and making your land values go down. This could effect your Alabama land for sale in a couple ways, most buyers in a 3,000 square foot house do not want a home 1/6 the size of theirs next door dropping their land values. Another plus for this restriction if youíre in a nice neighborhood with all the homes about the same you wouldnít want someone to put a flat top roof next door that would adversely affect your home values.


This last Alabama land for sale covenant will protect your property in a couple ways. No animals will be permitted on the property except a reasonable number of household pets and any fencing constructed shall be attractive and in congruence with the surrounding architecture.  If you are in a small neighborhood or if your house is in close proximity to the land you want to sell, this will keep your neighbor from putting up a barbed wire fence next to your $ 300,000.00 house and have a goat farm next door to you.


There is no magic shield that will protect your Alabama land for sale from bad neighbors or even stop some things in land covenants from actually happening but it gives you a strong legal base to stand on and you will win in court but stay prepared you may actually have to file suite to end bad neighbor behavior.


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