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Alabama Land For Sale The Crucial Steps Involved In Closing Your Land Deal
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I have heard it said that experience is just a word for living through your mistakes.  Sometimes, I have to agree.  After over twenty years of experience in buying and selling real estate, I have made my share of good deals, but I have also made some not so good.  After this much experience, I certainly donít mind sharing some of the things I wish someone had shared with me way back when.  Instead, I have learned some of these lessons the hard way. For example, when you find someone who really likes and wants your Alabama land for sale the first thing you do is negotiate a contract.  When signed, you breathe a sigh of relief.  Usually a deposit is put down too, which means you practically have it sold right?  Wrong!  Not always.  If you donít agree with that, then I am guessing you donít have much experience in buying and selling real estate.  It is at this point that a realtor really does earn his money by working for you. 

The buyer has to find financing, which seems to be getting harder and harder to do these days, with the economy like it is.  A closing time has to be agreed upon.  Is the buyer getting the mineral rights or does the seller wish to maintain them.  Contract negotiations take some time too.  The main thing is, you donít have to worry about any of these things if you donít have an interested buyer.  So, how do you get that contract signed, so you can start worrying about these other things?  Advertising, advertising, advertising.  If the word doesnít get out, nobody will hear about it.  Newspaper advertising isnít bad.  Itís just expensive.  The local newspaper is where some people begin to look for land for sale in Alabama.  I wouldnít recommend doing much in the way of advertising in the local paper.  I would get it out on the internet, considering that 90% of real estate buyers start by looking online.  The cost is much lower than newspapers, and the best thing about it is that the audience can be the entire world! 

Other things you might want to think about so as not to slow down the closing once you have an interested buyer is to make sure you can easily view the property lines of your land for sale in Alabama.  If they are already marked and visible, good deal!  If not, get that done before they ask to look at them.  Deer plots that are ready during hunting season are a definite plus if the buyer wants to make a quick purchase and start hunting.  When is the last time a survey was done on the property?  If it must be done, go ahead and do it now.

Keep in mind that contracts usually take about thirty days, if nothing major slows things down.  If problems arise, it can really set you back several more weeks.  The problems could show up quickly or sometimes at the end of the contract time.  Stay on top of things so this doesnít happen.  The realtor should check often with the lender so as not to let anything fall through the cracks concerning title work.

Should you decide to work for yourself and not go with an aggressive realtor, be ready to do some leg work to close your Alabama Land for sale.


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