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Alan Mah
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Alan Mah has enjoyed his reputation for honesty and reliability as an award-winning Realtor in Vancouver for more than 20 years now. As a Gold Master Medallion member of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board for 12 years, he has successfully negotiated more than 1000 real estate transactions during his two decades in the real estate industry. Alan is also a long-time Cyberstar member, recently winning the 2006 “Cyberstar of the Year” award.

Although Alan has developed a large customer base composed primarily of native Canadians, he has one powerful advantage: he is fluent in several Eastern languages, and is therefore capable of conducting business in Cantonese, Taiwanese and Mandarin. As the real estate industry becomes more sophisticated and challenging every day, Alan is also a well-known leader in the use of cutting-edge technology to appeal to prospective clients and convert leads from his market. In fact, he has closed well over 90% of his listings in the 18 months since he began using his newest proprietary technological innovation!

Alan realizes that, as with any major business transaction, the most successful home sale will be achieved with the services of an experienced professional. In response, he likes to focus on honest counsel, superior service, and technological advancements to keep his business thriving and maintain a proper perspective. His motto mirrors his balanced lifestyle, “The business of living is living, not business.”
Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Agents
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