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Yes You can!

Power, Luck, fortune and Fate were all given to anyone who saw an Alicorn or touched its horn.  It is here that we brand the term "Yes you can" and "Where customer Service is no Myth!" drop by our site or call/email us for a special menu of services and see what we offer to make your real estate experience memorable.  You'll know your real estate fortune can be changed by your own choice!

(386) 793-1283

Choose between full service and customized services

Yes, you can!  There are times when you need the assistance of a real estate professional from listing to closing, and other times when you need assistance with only a few details.

We are your "go to" company for service and support!

Property Management for Absentee Owners
Bought an investment property recently? Not looking to rent - just in need of someone to inspect and manage the maintenance of your investment? We provide services to include property walk throughs, inspections, contractor management, upkeep, and even concierge services to have your property ready for you to latchkey and relax. We're here for you!

Technologically Driven
We use the most popular tools and information to ensure advertising and property searches encompass all the areas where buyers and sellers join together in the marketplace. You choose how much attention your property evokes and we'll find you a home, investment, vacation property anywhere in Florida - no matter how it's listed!

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