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For over 30 years, AlignMark has been a pioneer and leading provider of tools and services aimed to help organizations optimize their human capital resources.  Our expertise in the Human Resources field stems from implementing solutions within many Fortune 1000 companies.  We provide information, tools and services that help organizations function more effectively, and help employees work more productively.  We are also a leading provider of employee enhancement solutions and pioneers in the use of simulations for the creation of assessment, development and training tools for the corporate marketplace.

AlignMark has been providing the Real Estate Industry with recruitment, selection and development tools since 1998.  We also offer a variety of other services which includes ongoing training and support through avenues such as coaching, webinars, and one-on-one training.  The culmination of our experiences has changed the way the industry recruits, selects and develops new and experienced real estate agents today.  Over 700 real estate brokerages including large independents and franchised offices of the leading brands around the world have worked with us.

Our real estate tools include AccuRecruiter, iNTELAGENT,
and Real Estate Simulator.

AccuRecruiter:  To reach today's connected consumer, recruiting strategies should include recruiting web 2.0 technologies.  A crucial component of continuous growth for any successful organization should include recruiting for Generation X and Y professionals. AccuRecruiter allows you to use widgits to attract new or experienced agents. You gather valuable data on what prospects are looking for in a company while providing your company's unique value proposition back to the prospects. Much more!
iNTELAGENT: Is a fully-integrated, web-based recruitment management system.  Built on the foundation of the Real Estate Simulator, the recruitment system facilitates the management of all aspects of the recruiting and selection process.  Much more!
Real Estate Simulator: Is a unique assessment tool that uses job simulations, cognititive ability testing, personality measures, and video and computer technologies to capture the skills and abilities required for success in real estate sales positions.  Much more!

AlignMark Real Estate Sales Management Team
  • Glen Jaffee, VP AlignMark
  • Maria Mull, VP Business Development
  • Allison Lewis, Sr. Account Manager/Recruiting Consultant
  • Jason Shaw, Sr. Account Manager/Recruiting Consultant
  • Laura Vandette, HR Recruiting Specialist

Contact Us
Offices located in Maitland, Florida and Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Contact us to learn more at 1-407-659-3561 or

Our Focus At The Moment
Let us share some tips of the trade.

Recruiting Tip #1: Updating your web site's career section.  It goes without saying and still needs to be said that if you don't already have an informative, interactive and up-to-date career section on your web site - you need to get one right now.  And when was the last time it was updated?  Let's face it - recruits just like buyers and sellers do their homework online before they pick up the phone to call you.  If your web site doesn't speak to the candidates you're looking to attract, then you're essentially pushing them to the competition.  Using a sign-in page similar to iNTELAGENT, Real  Estate Simulator or AccuRecruiter will capture your lead's contact information in just a few minutes.

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