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An Adaptive Solution: The VIP Home Buyer & Seller Systems
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A Creation of Necessity

Adapt or perish. It’s true in the natural world, and eminently more so in the world of real estate. For years Allan’s team had focused its efforts on providing top-notch marketing that helped homes sell fast, but when houses started receiving multiple offers literally the very first day they listed, Allan realized they needed to adapt their strategy to the changing landscape.

After analyzing the market, Allan realized that, “…less than 50% of people own their homes outright, so the inevitable customer question always arises concerning what to do first: purchase a new home, or sell the current one?” When out-advertising the competition wasn’t enough to differentiate his team in an incredibly hot Winnipeg, Canada, market, Allan Asplin of “The Judy Lindsay Team” created an ingenious solution: the “VIP Home Buyer & Home Seller Systems”.

The key to Allan’s systems are in the presentation – offering a perceived value with what are essentially standard client services. These comprehensive client benefit packages have enabled him to stand out as a provider of value in his unique market.

In this week’s new Success Module, Allan reveals the substance of these twin creative solutions.

Welcome, Honored Guests

Most people enjoy being treated like royalty, and the VIP program honors that desire. At the heart of the program are multiple incentives that, when experienced in tandem, easily persuade potential customers to choose the Judy Lindsay Team over every other local real estate agency in Allan’s hot sellers market.

“One especially popular aspect of our VIP systems,” Allan explains, “is the Judy Lindsay Guarantee Program, a promise designed to remove the pressure of that ‘chicken-or-egg’ decision, by offering a mutually beneficial alternative: if our customers don’t sell their current home by the possession date of their new home purchase, we’ll buy their current home.”

If you’ve ever wanted to explore offering your clientele a more robust suite of available services, this module is just right for you. Allan reveals simple and cost-effective techniques you can institute that will add a high-degree of perceived value to your customer service. He will explain the keys steps involved in creating more personalized service for each individual customer. Then he’ll discuss how to command an increased commission because of your new, prestigious services, and finally how to gain even more revenue through seller-paid cleaning services that prep the home for listing.


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