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The Advanced Action Plan

Currently ranked in the top 7% in sales in the U.S. for the last 13 years, Sacramento REALTOR® T.K. Bazirgan has enjoyed being the recipient of over 50 annual awards since 1989.

After getting his feet wet in the industry for a few years, T.K. took the basic concept of the “Action Plan” and gave it a completely new twist. Knowing that current residents are always curious of the newest folks to join their neighborhood, T.K. developed a detailed program for enticing them to contact him at key stages during the purchase and move-in process.

The centerpiece of T.K.’s new success module is a cost effective solution that stimulates potential clients’ curiosity and ensures that your superior market knowledge retains and remains the dominant mindshare in your market. The point here, as T.K. constantly reminds his team of, is to do as intelligent and as little work as possible in order to get the phone ringing – not just once or twice, but consistently.

This very specific marketing campaign stems from a commitment T.K. made many years ago to become the unparalleled real estate expert in the more than forty subdivisions he has helped create. After decades of subtle tweaking in timing, copy, colors, and frequency, he has crafted a postcard system that adds substantially to his bottom line without consuming too much of his time.

Hot New Features, Humble Help

T. K. generously agreed to collaborate with iSucceed to create this new success module – the second in a new series utilizing the advanced features of a completely redesigned format and interface. A few of these features include multimedia and textual presentations of the module, a “Quiz” function, a “Related Materials” section (where iSucceed members can actually download and customize the very postcards T.K. uses in his program), and a “Feedback” area (where members can offer their opinion of the new module).

T. K. is committed to giving back to the industry, especially through iSucceed. He is intimately aware of the dropout statistics among newer agents, and he realizes the value of equipping his fellow real estate professionals with the tools they need to find consistent success. That altruistic approach has also benefited his clientele, and it shows in his perspective, “Customers are accustomed to every other agent out there telling them that he or she is God’s gift to the real estate industry. I am not – I am just here to assist you with your real estate sales needs.”

Be sure to check out T.K. Bazirgan’s newest iSucceed success module, “Boost Clients’ Curiosity with an Irresistible Postcard Farming Campaign”, now available to all iSucceed members.


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