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Andrew Pegg BSc (Hons) MRICS MIBC
Category - Service Providers in Real Estate - Service Providers General
Key Skills
  • Experienced property professional
  • Performance review methodologies
  • Holistic approach to business and property issues
  • Effective and tenacious approach
  • Ability to innovate solutions for complex issues
  • Effective Team Member and Builder at all levels

Business Profile and approach - With an extensive background in commercial property, Andrew is a Chartered Surveyor with 23 years experience working in the public, private, corporate and not for profit sectors, both in house and as a consultant.

The last 12 years have been spent working exclusively on developing property solutions for occupier organisations helping to identify how they can improve their performance and profitability through the effective use and management of property and employed resources.

As a business owner himself he and his dedicated team ensure that clients get the best outcome for their needs, and that they have the right information available to make decisions which can achieve the optimum balance between the competing drivers within the whole of their business undertaking.

Andrew believes therefore that it is essential to ensure that any property decision is made in the context of the full range of issues/changes that can or will affect the business and of course awareness of  the implications of the decision itself on the operational effectiveness of the undertaking.

Andrew's role and skills include focussing the important relevant issues of identifying the most appropriate course of action or strategy and fielding a team of people with the appropriate talents who are able to work closely together with clients, consultants and contractors to achieve the best appreciation possible of the critical factors. Where appropriate to review processes and output to ensure that they are managed efficiently and diligently.

Other Interests

Property investment, horse riding and hunting, scuba diving, sailing, old maps and ancient history. Making a difference.

Service Providers in Real Estate - Service Providers General
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