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Should you decide it is time to sell your Arkansas land there are many decisions that you will have to make concerning it.  But the first decision is going to be whether to try to sell the land yourself or hire an experienced licensed Realtor to help you sell it. 

In this blog I can show you ways to save thousands of dollars in Realtor fees if you will agree to sell your Arkansas land for sale for yourself.  The decision of whether to go with an experienced licensed realtor or go with selling the land for yourself is one that I am sure you have had to consider at one time or another. The question is a good one because selling the property for yourself is not for everyone.  If you arenít ready to spend time for yourself to do the entire process correctly you might want to hire a professional to sell your Arkansas land.

I will explain the entire process and let you in on how to prepare yourself for what you are in for by selling the property yourself.  Are you a salesman?  Do you enjoy selling?  Selling isnít for everyone.  My close friend is one of the best salesmen I have ever seen.  He enjoys people, enjoys getting to know each customer well, and always spends a lot of time with each client.  He was born to sell.  Well, not everyone is a people person.  Make sure you are willing to spend a lot of time on the phone and showing the property you have for sale to potential clients.  If not, you might do better the pay a licensed realtor to sell your Arkansas land.

If you want to be successful in marketing your own property, let me introduce you to a few things.  How might you advertise your land for sale in Arkansas?  Might you advertise on the internet?  Thatís what I suggest you do first.  Second, locate a local newspaper and do some light advertising in it.  I would imagine most of your thought has gone into who and how you are going to sell your property.  Let me warn you that after the sale closing issues can be the hardest part to deal with and can blow your deal if you are not careful.  Donít fool yourself by saying ďAll I have to do is sell itĒ the buyer does the rest.  Considering the current state of the economy donít think that everyone that applies or comes through can borrow the money.  I advise that as soon as your commit to selling the land start looking for potential lenders, including your local Agri Land Bank which is one of the few lenders that is aggressively looking for good customers to make long term loans to.  The are one of the few who still negotiate rural land loans.

Are you willing to bite the bullet and be responsible to sell your own Arkansas land and save you the several thousand dollars?  If not I suggest you go through a real estate agent. 


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