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As Summer Winds Down, Your Contact Management Should Ramp Up
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Summer….it brings to mind visions of swimming pools, pitchers of cold lemonade, children running through sprinklers, ice cream melting down your hands, management programs?

Absolutely! Most likely your real estate career is in full swing right now; the marketing you did months ago is starting to pay off; the market is hot and you’re juggling appointments, open houses, and closings. Summer is arguably one of the busiest times in the real estate industry, and the contacts you make during these few months could well turn into successful transactions two, three, even six months to a year from now. Don’t let these valuable contacts you've been collecting the past two months slip through your fingers. As the the summer season comes to a close, follow these tips from iSucceed mentor K.C. Butler from Denver, Colorado to effectively manage your contacts and keep track of those future clients.

Who Should Be In It?

The fist question everyone asks is “Who should be in my contact database?” The answer is simply, everyone you know! Start with your personal sphere of influence, and don’t restrict it by geographical area. Include past clients, prospects, and even vendors! In his Counseling Call “Cultivating a Dynamite Database”, K.C. recommends doing a “checkbook search”. Scan through your checkbook and look at all the vendors you have written checks to. Add them to your system.

But…. don’t just add random names to your database! If you’re doing the work of adding them in, you might as well get all the information you can. Birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names, pet names, grandkids, hobbies, favorite sports – these are all crucial bits of data that will allow you to personalize communications to these prospects at a later time.

The Physical Database

The next question to be asked is typically “Ok, what do I use and how do I organize it?” There are many well known contact management systems for real estate agents on the market, such as Top Producer or Agent Office, as well as scores of other perhaps less expensive ones; you could even use a traditional A.C.T. database. But as K.C. stresses: “The best one is the one you actually use!” Find one that suits your needs, is user friendly enough for you to operate easily, and use it! Many companies will allow you a “free trial period” to evaluate their software; make sure you request this. Approach your broker with the idea, they may be willing to purchase the software for the entire office.

Now Use It!

Most programs will require an initial amount of setup so you can easily assign categories to your prospects as you enter them into your database. Some of the categories you may want to set up are:

  • What type of client? (Vendor, past client, prospect, field contact)
  • How did they find you? (advertisement, past client referral, FSBO/EXPIRED, etc.)
  • Level of urgency?
    • A = signed an agency agreement with you
    • B-hi = a homebuyer now
    • B-med = a homebuyer sometime soon
    • B-low = a homebuyer 6 months from now
    • C – undecided or need more info

The Next Step

Once you’ve chosen your contact management system and populated it, the next step is to develop a plan to follow up with all of your contacts on a regular basis, according to how you’ve categorized them. This can be in the form of email, phone calls, marketing pieces, or community events. The key point is to establish a routine, and stick to it!

-Kelly Kelley

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