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Are We Having Fun Yet?

“Introducing a fun element into your working day can make you more profitable,” writes Ian Grace in his recently published book, Hundreds of Real Estate Customer Service Ideas. The book, together with his DVD, “Hoodoo – How to Write Real Estate Advertising that Sells Every Time”, is now available online through the RealtyU® Bookstore.

Grace challenges the real estate agent to embed fun into the company’s business culture when interacting with the entire spectrum of customers, including the internal customer in the workplace. He argues the point that Realtors® have to change the way they think about customer service by determining what the customer wants, and then providing that service in such a way so as to consistently put a smile on their face.

Customer Service Down Under

Although Grace lives “down-under”, he is one of only two non-North Americans ever to be invited to speak at the National Association of Realtors® Convention more than three times. His customer service program is nationally accredited in his native homeland through “The Australian Institute of Management”, and he’s trained business people from around the globe since 1972, delivering his customer service programs to a variety of industries, including real estate, journalism, retail/wholesale, and automobile companies throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.  His experience extends into the ad-writing business, where his series of press and Internet ad-writing articles were published in Canada’s National Real Estate Magazine in and real estate industry journals of the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Grace, a top-notch real estate ad is a key element to enjoying success as a real estate agent.  Writing and placing a good ad, as opposed to a bad one, requires about the same amount of effort and costs the same amount of money, but produces vastly different results. Strong ads allow Realtors® to attract more buyers, win more listings, are more likely increase visibility and repeat/referral business. 

Check it Out!

To learn more about Grace’s insights on the powerful effects of humor in the office, visit the RealtyU® Bookstore today.


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