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BETTERHOMES is a multi-national Swiss real estate brokerage company and was founded by Cyrill Lanz in 2005. Today the company is one of the leading real estate brokers in Switzerland with more than 2'300 real estate offerings and a settled transaction volume of 1 Billion Swiss francs in 2011. The company operates also in Austria and will enter into the German market in summer 2012. In medium term the company plans to operate throughout Europe.

Unlike its competitors BETTERHOMES waived on the industry-standard distribution system through franchising and sets instead on a multi-level marketing system with independent real estate agents. In addition to the direct-selling model use BETTERHOMES to standardize its services by the strong use of information technology in marketing instead of a shop concept as in franchising. This allowed the company to achieve the competition strategy of cost leadership, which is passed as a price advantage for costumers.






Cyrill Lanz: CEO & Founder


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