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If you're keen to check out the new homes Basingstoke has to offer, but aren't quite 100 per cent sure that it's the place for you, read on...

There are many benefits to living in Basingstoke. The local education system has lots to offer; plus, it's an economic mecca for big names such as Motorola, BNP Paribas, Sun Life Financial and De La Rue, making it a hub for jobs and growth. What's more, the shopping is really great - thanks to Festival Place, the town's large mall - and the local sports facilities are very impressive.

However, there's a lot more to Basingstoke than that. Did you know, for example, that over 80 per cent of those living in the town agree that it's a great place to put down roots? You can drive to Heathrow airport from Basingstoke in 45 minutes, too; whilst the ride to Gatwick only takes one hour. Plus Festival Place has been the recipient of many awards, including 'Loo of the Year'!

So, what else didn't you know about this market town?

Basingstoke boasts 6,400 businesses
Some 75,000 people are employed by these local companies. The retention rates are pretty enviable too, with 67 per cent of all Basingstoke residents working within their local area. What's more, 30 of the biggest companies Hampshire has to offer operate out of Basingstoke.

There's one thing this means for people who are considering moving into the area... potential. It means there are potential jobs, potential growth and potential strength for the local economy's future. All in all, it makes for a pretty compelling case to move into the town.

Rental rates are some of the lowest in the surrounding region
The rates charged to tenants hoping to move into the area's rental properties are amongst the lowest recorded in the surrounding region. Of course, others will prefer to move into a new home and pay for it themselves; however, for others, renting is the most sensible option, so to know that rates aren't sky-high should be reassuring.

What's more, the health of Basingstoke's population is fairly good; three-quarters of those living locally would say their health is 'good'. This rate is much higher than national or regional averages, reports suggest; adding another bonus to becoming a resident.

Day trips to London are a breeze
Residents can reach London Waterloo train station in around 45 minutes, thanks to the area's speedy train services. This means that you can reap all the benefits of living close to the English capital, without the hustle, bustle and rudeness often experienced when travelling around in London. For those who find their talents lie in areas other than Basingstoke, but feel it would still be a good place in which to live, being able to commute into London is crucial.

What's more, it means families can easily take day trips without having to travel for hours and hours. Trips to the Science Museum, the Museum of Natural History or even the London Eye can be arranged without fear of long journeys; something which will mean a lot to families with young children.

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Bernice Palmer is working for a Real Estate consulting company located in Somerset, UK. He has visited many countries and learnt many languages. His desire for writing something acted upon in such a way that he started writing on many legal issues, problems that people faces while buying a property and also offer possible solutions for those. Recently he is concentrating in New Homes Sussex and new homes Basingstoke.

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