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Biggest Home Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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Home renovation is at once an exciting and stressful phase. There is a happy anticipation of what the transformation would look like, while continual stress of looking after a number of things as the renovation proceeds. You have to be hands-on all the time to remain on top of a constantly evolving situation.

In this constant flurry of activity it is easy to miss an important thing or two to take care of. Read on to find out which home renovation mistakes people are most likely to make and how to avoid them.

Starting with ill-defined goals

Planning is boring but also the essence of a strategy well executed. Especially when the stakes are high as they are in home renovation -- there is a lot of money involved, the project takes time, and the final product is going to be the very home we live in. A botch job is costly to fix and also sets us back emotionally, while a job well done is the source of pride and happiness for years to come.

Starting with a vague idea doesn’t help. By the time the renovation begins you should have a very clear idea about how long it is going to last, how much is it going to cost, and what the end product will look like. Take the aid of designing software to experiment with styles and themes for your home renovation to achieve.

The clearer you are about this picture in your mind and the better you are able to convey it to your interior decorator, the happier you will be with the results.

Not sticking to the plan

As important as having a solid plan in place is sticking to it.

Improvisation is fine, and even recommended but not in a random manner. If you are to make any major changes to your original plan when the renovation is well under way you’ll have to have the same clarity that you did at the beginning. You should know where the new changes fit in with the original plan. If not, things can quickly spiral out of hand.

Crossing the budget

One needs to keep an eye on the budget through each and every stage of renovation. If you are nowhere near the finishing line and your expenses are already higher than you had anticipated at the start then something is majorly wrong. Either your initial estimation was wildly inaccurate or your planning wasn’t detailed enough.

A detailed plan should help you keep track of your budget. Account for each and every nail, hammer, and door hanger. Check where you are faltering and plug the leak of expenses wherever you can.

Mismatched furniture

So your walls have been painted in a new colour, you have installed modern designer shelves, and have a beautiful burgundy table on its way to be delivered. There’s just one problem. Where does your old furniture fit in this new scheme of things?

Do you have a plan for it? Does the upholstery on your 10-year-old sofa look ridiculous against the new wall colour? Does the new paint in your bedroom make the wood of your bed look outdated? Does the posh new door canopy make your front door look cheap? Old and new rarely look great next to each other unless the old has also been given a facelift of sorts.

Figure out where the old furniture and carpets will fit in the new equation before you set out on renovation to avoid that “something isn’t quite right in this room” feeling.

Scrimping on materials

Don’t settle for cheap materials, no matter what. It’s better to scale down your renovation ambitions than try to pack everything in and save on the material costs.

Good quality raw material is the first requirement of a pleasant and chic interior. Only buy the best oil paint for your walls, the best wood for your floor or doors, and the best upholstery for your furniture. That will make all the difference.

Specialized Real Estate - Luxury Homes
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