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From Walt Disney World to the American Red Cross to Coldwell Banker, Matthew Gosselin has worked with some of the biggest names in their respective industries. His passion for studying why consumers are attracted to specific brands and products is what led him to the real estate world. Gosselin speaks to real estate groups throughout the United States about elevating their marketing practices and introduces them to the cutting edge ideas that Fortune 500 companies have mastered. With an understanding that the average real estate professional often lacks the resources of some of the mega real estate companies, he enables them to use the same ideas on a smaller scale. His first book, My Blue Goose, Exploiting The Wow Factor In Real Estate Marketing can be purchased through and leading online bookstores. His second book is titled Stand Out, Stick and Stay and is expected to be published in November of 2008.Gosselin is also the Business Development Executive for Xpressdocs, the leading print marketing and on-demand technology provider to the real estate industry.
Real Estate Social Media - Blogs Real Estate Business
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