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Brendan Leahy
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Growing up in a family with 14 other brothers and sisters, Brendan learnt from an early age that it's important to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself.

He began his career in sales over 18 years ago and has worked in a wide range of industries. Since entering the real estate industry a number of years ago, Brendan has put his skills to good use and is now one of the top real estate salespeople in the state and is the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Brendan has developed his top negotiation skills through dealing with some of the World's largest multinationals including Eli Lilly, DuPont, David Jones, Myers and Harvey Norman to name a few. He also works closely with some of Australia's most prominent real estate figures including John McGrath, Paul Tonich and Mat Steinwede. Just recently, international entrepreneur and business consultant, Peter Sheahan and William De Ora of Quantum Dynamics also joined the list of experts that Brendan works with.

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