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If you have decided to move into another home, because you've tired of the old one, or maybe your success has allowed you the luxury of moving up the ladder to a bigger one, then you may be asking yourself whether you want to remodel your current home or build a new custom home. There are benefits to doing both, but the choice is up to you. You’ll want to make that choice based on your personal taste, as well as any limitations that there may be if you choose to remodel a home instead of building a new custom home.

If you're looking to build a custom home, the benefits are almost endless. You can choose the size and number of rooms. You're not limited to what the builder of the home has installed, as with a pre-constructed home. If you want a certain square footage for your bathroom with a large tub, and a detached shower, you can do that.

Maybe you want a larger bedroom with a loft inside it. That's also possible. You don't have to go off of plans that were already made by a company, the plans are all your own. If you even want some fun in your basement, such as a bowling alley, or even a nightclub(!) such things are possible with your own custom-built home. There are almost limitless ideas that you can give to your custom home builder for them to implement.
Remodeling a home can also be beneficial, and very fun, because you get to add your own touch to a home that has already been built. If you want to expand the home and add rooms, or reconstruct a room, you can do that, and make the room into something you can be proud of. Want to add or make an existing room, a game room? That's not only possible with remodeling, it's a fun project that you can pour your passion into.

If you are limited to the space you have already purchased, then remodeling can be done, but again, you're limited to what you can do, add, or change. When choosing to either remodel or build a custom home, go with the best builders to bring your dream to light. So when searching for custom home builders in Morristown TN, keep your preferences for your home in mind.

Whether you're looking to remodel or build a custom home, it's a big decision, but reputable custom home builders in Morristown TN are very experienced and you are sure to get what you want, need, and what you desire.

About the Company:
Jeff Wilder is the owner of J.A. Wilder Builders. It is one of the leading custom home companies in Tennessee which has been established in 1979. J.A. Wilder Builders specializes in providing superior custom homes of outstanding quality for more than 30 years. They have been serving the Tennessee area with amazing custom home services and craftsmanship in each and every home they build.

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