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Begin With the Basics

Survey any top agent across the nation or in Canada and ask them what the fundamental building block is to a successful career in real estate, and 99.9% will answer with two simple words: “Business Plan”.

As chronicled recently in articles such as “It’s Time to Plan for 2006”, it’s evident that the spotlight in the industry right now is on establishing goals and exceeding expectations for a profitable and rewarding 2006. But as noted recently by industry expert Stefan Swanepoel of RealtyU, “If all you do is set a goal, you are in essence “wishing”. In order to bring goals to fruition, one must put the goals on paper, then develop a plan of specific, measured action steps to implement those goals.

A Little Help from a Master

Ray Otten of Ottawa, Canada, has business planning down to a science. Ranked #1 in Ottawa for number of homes sold for over 11 years, his team has consistently shown that expert business planning pays off in cash. An expert in organization and structuring his day, we recently teamed up with Ray to produce a robust, comprehensive business planning Success Module to start off the new year. Based on the principles Ray uses in designing his own business plan, as well as being the exact same plan he teaches to the agents in his office, Ray’s thoughtful explanations lead the listener through a simple step-by-step analysis of creating your own business plan from the ground up.

Education for Everyone

Though the concept of a business plan in real estate is by no means commonplace, it is gaining attention in the industry. Unfortunately, even the astute Rookie who recognizes it is essential to their success typically has no idea how to go about starting one. One of the biggest challenges Rookies face when creating their first business plan is the question “How do I know what numbers to set for my goals? I don’t have any experience, or any history to draw from.” Otten takes the pressure off this dilemma by offering reasonable, attainable goals any Rookie agent would feel confident enough to pursue.

For veteran agents, Ray offers an simple but exciting formula that explains exactly how to analyze a few key figures from your previous year of business to effectively craft a methodical plan to reach your income goals for this year, no matter how high. The beauty of this method is it’s diversity; it’s applicable for Rookies & veteran agents alike.

A Thoughtful Combination

Although the “Craft A Killer Business Plan!” module is rich with information and streamlined in its simplicity, the thought of crunching any kind of numbers gives some agents a headache. For those suffering this type of math-aversion, iSucceed offers an alternative; a pleasantly discounted rate on a completely automated online business planning software created specifically for real estate agents; known as CreateAPlan. After an initial assessment of an agent’s goals for the year, the program’s wizard automatically calculates what steps it will take to get there and outlines them. But the real brilliance of the program lies in its automatic ‘gentle reminders’, which come to the agent in the form of emails, ensuring that by keeping focused on completing the necessary tasks, attainment of the goals is virtually guaranteed. Viewers can find the special discounted code for CreateAPlan listed at the end of the iSucceed module.

However you decide to proceed with your business plan, the verdict is in; to succeed in the challenging market changes to come, only those with the foresight to plan ahead and execute that plan will come out on top. Don’t be left out in the cold; start your year off right, and get planning today.


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