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Most sellers list their properties with full service real estate agents, to assure representation throughout the selling process. Buyers Only Realty believes that home buyers deserve the same level of representation and services. Therefore, Buyers Only Realty dedicates their efforts to providing fiduciary duties, among which are advice, expertise, accounting, loyalty and counseling when assisting buyer clients in perhaps the biggest investment of their lives…….PURCHASING A HOME!

But seller services have changed, due mostly to the internet and the quandary of information available through a multitude of websites. Today sellers want more control over the sale process and many only want to pay for the services they feel they need.

Buyers Only Realty, Inc. has developed a Home Marketing Service program designed to aid home sellers in marketing their properties in markets that are not readily accessible to them, such as MLS, monthly real estate publications or simply filling out a standard form contract for purchase.

All these services are done as a limited agent, with only representation for the services selected by sellers, for flat or hourly fees. We’ve designed this Home Marketing Service in response from our many past Buyer clients who wanted better services for their money.

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