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Buying Your First Home in Lake Tahoe - The 'Y'
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There are excellent South Lake Tahoe homes for sale in the neighborhood known as The 'Y', a neighborhood located at the juncture of Highways 89 and 50. Many of the homes in this area are well-suited to the needs of first time buyers. It is convenient to shopping, transportation, and recreation in and around the lake.

Highway 50 goes up the east side of the lake into Nevada. Highway 89 goes up the west side of the lake, remaining in California, and also takes you south, out of the area, forming the famous Y shape. These two highways are lined with shops, grocery stores, eateries, and restaurants, thus forming a core commercial district.

In addition to the centrally located commercial corridor, there is an abundance of trees, open space, and natural beauty. The area is rich with affordable two and three bedroom homes, many of which are priced below $400,000. In some cases, real bargains can be found which, nonetheless, still enjoy the priceless natural beauty of the area and easy access to shopping and other important amenities.

A first time house is not just an investment in your personal quality of life in the here and now. It is also an important financial investment for the long term. For most Americans, equity in their primary residence accounts for more than half of their retirement savings. While first time buyers are typically very price sensitive, it is important to make sure you are also buying into something of real and lasting value that will protect the value of the dollars you are putting into it. South Lake Tahoe homes for sale in this neighborhood are not only charming and attractive as a stepping stone to a certain lifestyle but also a great long term investment.

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