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CLR Choice Realty, Inc.
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CLR Choice Realty, Inc. is a full service Real Estate Corporation serving Palm Coast, FL and Flagler County.  The company provides leading edge software and technical expertise to address the commercial, luxury and residential real estate markets.  They provide a unique approach to marketing and the ability to identify the right property for you and provide you the data required to make an informed decision by leveraging their internet expertise, customized database technology, accurate information sources, and a highly skilled and motivated team.

Their world-class service coupled with unmatched technical capability allows them to effectively market properties in Hammock Beach, Cinnamon Beach, Hammock Dunes, The Conservatory at Hammock Beach, The Marina at Yacht Harbor Village, Ocean Hammock, Tidelands, Palm Coast Resort, Grand Haven, Surf Club, as well as all areas of Palm Coast and Flagler County.

Contact Details

Phone:            (386) 447-8080
Toll-Free:      (888) 361-5263
Fax:                (386) 447-7705


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