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Some of the roofi problems shown here are due simply to the fact that as roofs in Baton Rouge age, materials and other items such as vents, pipes, flashing deteriorate due to weather, tree or wind and hail damage. However, many of these roofing problems are due to poor or incorrect installation of materials. When you choose Roof Crafters as your Baton Rouge roofing contractor you can rest assure that the installation of all materials will be correct and according to the manufacturers’ specifications by the roof repair contractors of Roof Crafters.

A very common problem I have been seeing a lot of lately is shingles that are slipping due to improper nail placement allowing possible leakage and penetration in many areas of the attic. If you want to have the full manufacturers 103 MPH warranty there needs to be at least 6 nails in each tab of shingles. Another common roofing problem on Louisiana houses is improperly installed gutter guards which will raise the edge of the shingles up and allow water to penetrate the roof at its eves. If your flashing is not installed properly this could be another point of entry for water to enter the roof at many different locations and can be very hard to find once you see evidence on the ceiling of a leak.

One area susceptible to wind damage is the metal ridge vents. The metal ridge vents can be lifted by high winds permitting water leaks. Another way roofing shingles can be damaged is by improperly installed gutters allowing water to overflow and damage the shingles. If your chimney is through the roof with a steep pitch and does not have a cricket or saddle built up in on the slope side it will allow debris to collect and build up, hold water and create leakage issues. 

Deteriorating plumbing boots allow water to leak into the homes attic, this is a simple fix and a very overlooked area of the roof. Simply change out the pipe boots and jacks every few years and this protect one area of your homes roof. Trees can be a great asset during the summer to shade a home from the beating sun but when the tree branches touch the homes shingles allowing abrasion of the shingles, this can allow deterioration of the shingles granules and create premature wearing of the roof.

Many Baton Rouge homeo have roof damage from simple things and never know it until they see water leaks on their ceilings. A simple satellite that has been mounted improperly can cause possible leakage. A gutters down spout installed to close to the shingles can create whats called an ice dam allowing debris and even snow to build up and create a leak issue. 

I have discussed many things that can cause or create a water leakage issue on your homes roof. The one thing you need to be careful of is hiring your Rouge Louisiana roofing contractor, make sure they plenty of experience with all types of roofing systems and you will never be concerned about these installation issues.


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