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California Association of Mortgage Brokers (CAMB)
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The California Association of Mortgage Brokers (CAMB) is a nonprofit organization providing education to mortgage industry members, establishing and promoting high industry standards and working to increase consumers' understanding of mortgage brokers' services and loan products. Not only do CAMB members subscribe to a code of ethics, but its professional 1 and associate members hold individual licenses from the California Department of Real Estate. CAMB aggressively supports the notion that the first line of protection for consumers is to work with professionals who hold their own license, and thus are accountable to regulatory agencies, legislative bodies and the public for their actions. CAMB is highly committed to increasing consumer information and education, self-policing the industry, working with regulators and legislative bodies at the federal and state level to provide prudent products that make sense for the consumer, and continuing the fight against fraud in all its forms. Working with a CAMB member represents consumers' choice in product selection, consumers' greater knowledge for a loan that suits your needs at that time, and consumers' representation by a licensed professional. CAMB members are dedicated to consumers' access to and sustainability of the American Dream.

Contact Information
Phone: (619) 869-6817
Fax: (619) 872-2466

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Home Purchase Facilitators - Mortgage Brokers
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